Diet Coke Break

That’s nice, That’s nice, That’s so lovely
It will go with the kitchen paper
Write it down….Lets write it down

Grated cheese
Blocks of fat disappear
Grated cheese falling onto a chopping board
Bouncing green apples


Thousands of apples on a production line being washed and sorted
They bob about in a river of water
They roll along conveyer belts and some of them drop down
Sliding open the door
Apples on the ground
She eats the skin

A banana lands on a chopping board
Then another has been sliced
Taking a bunch of bananas from the shelf


Hanging smoked meats
Then salami
A cooked chicken
Slicing meat on the griddle
Chicken in the oven
Then a building
Pictures of sweet treats
Then brain scans

A chocolate cake
Some cookies in a jar
Then a gluten free victoria sponge
Meat on the griddle
Then chicken roasting in an oven

A model of the brain 

Then jam on toast
Outside a coffee shop

Ready meals

Then stacks of them in the supermarket
A series of ready meals
Firefighters sliding down a poll
The word psychology carved into the side of a building
The photographs side by side

Harvey Granny Smiths bouncing onto a marble chopping board
A piece of wholemeal bread
Running water

Slices of salami 

Grated cheese

Green red and yellow proper bouncing on a chopping board

Diet Coke Break
Painting, video and sculpture installation
Installed at Annely Juda as part of the Vordemberge-Gildewart Foundation Prize, London
Dimensions variable